A little more about me

left picture is before crossfit. right is current may 2015 after crossfit weight training and healthy eating

I have not always been as keen into nutrition and exercise as I am today. In high school,  I was a volleyball player, so I would be active about three months of the year–and that was it! I did nothing supplementary and I honestly wondered why it was so tough to get back where I left off at the start of the next season! I was so lazy– I actually opted out of gym class the days we had to test our mile run!

At this time I was vegetarian, was not supplementing my protein at all, surviving off of pasta, rice, and cheese pizza. My performance at volleyball was just mediocre at best and I tired really easy. If only I knew then what I do now, I may have had the opportunity to be a great player. 

It wasn’t until my junior year of college that I was introduced to crossfit. I was very hesitant walking into the box for the first time, but I was hooked after my first class.  My coaches were able to modify the workouts for me, being a beginner and out of shape,  from there I strived to progress until I didn’t need those modifications.

For the first time EVER, I embraced the suck of working out. I loved how it made me feel after I pushed myself to my physical limits. It was extremely rewarding, especially when I saw progress –needing fewer and fewer modifications.

The progress became addicting. I stayed after class to work accessory work that would help me get stronger. I began viewing what I ate as workout fuel and introduced meat back for the first time in six years after realizing how important protein was for muscle growth and recovery.

Three plus years later and here we are now! I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been  I continue to strive for progress not perfection

Olympic Lifting at Real Fitness Sarasota

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