Nice to meet you!

My name is Rachael.

imageI am an avid fitness lover and health fanatic. I am also a Registered Nurse. As a nurse, I am blessed with very impractical hours to live the healthy fit lifestyle as I would like.  I have been working the dreaded night shift for two years now.

Night shift, or third shift, comes with awesome obstacles such as sleep deprivation, awkward food cravings, and boredom hunger. When I first began working nights, I tried “googling” tips and tricks to stay on the right path while working 12-hour shifts, but no such luck!

This is why I am here.  I am here to share my personal experience and advice for any one that believe they are too busy for healthy choices and prove that staying fit and healthy is possible regardless of your schedule.

I cannot promise the cure all, but I hope to share with you healthy meal prep recipes, workouts, and advice that can help anyone with or without crazy schedules stay on the right track towards a healthier lifestyle

2 thoughts on “Nice to meet you!

  1. Hi Rachael! Love seeing a fellow third shift person that is into fitness and healthy lifestyle, though it looks like you have a lot more experience in that area than I do 🙂 I’ve been on third shift for 3 years now, but only have really gotten into a healthy lifestyle this year! Look forward to seeing more from you!


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