4 Guilt-Free Desserts

When the sweet tooth comes out, sometimes there is no other option but to give in.  Here are four desserts that won’t completely ruin your diet!



rice cakes topped with your favorites, such as fruits, spreads, nut butters.  I chose peanut butter, sugar free chocolate syrup, and whipped cream for one, and peanut butter, strawberries, and walnuts for the second.



 Artic Zero can be found in most grocery stores in the ice cream aisle.  The whole PINT is only 150 calories.  Mix this in your protein for a protein milkshake or just eat it by the spoonful.


greek yogurt with fruit and questbar peices, yummy yet high protein option for a sweet tooth snack.  If you haven’t tried Quest Bars  visit www.questnutrition.com and order some immediately! Every flavor is amazing and they lack all the sugars and garbage found in most protein bars!  I always have them stocked. My favorite flavors are: chocolate brownie, cookie dough, and cookies and cream.


Homemade “ice cream”
All you need to make this delicious concoction is frozen bananas.  I put two frozen bananas in a blender, added a splash of skim milk, no sugar added chocolate chunks, and blended.  VIOLA.  It’s amazing. This made plenty to share!

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