6/1/15 Shoulder Workout 

Today was shoulder day!! I love working my shoulders 🙂 If you want your arms to POP, train shoulders.  The deltoid muscle adds a beautiful curve to your arm that people WILL notice.   I train them once a week, usually the day after leg day.  It doesn’t take too long, so I usually add ab work to this day as well.  All you will need for this routine is a pair of dumbbells.

 6/1/15  Shoulder Routine:

Superset:  3rds  8-12sets each

  • Standing Curl and Press
  • Lateral raises

Superset:  3rds  8-12sets each

  • Seated military Press
  • Frontal raises

Superset:  3rds  8-12sets each

  • Seated single-arm dumbbell external rotation
  • Lateral raise to front raise

Shoulder shrugs  3×20

Upright rows 3×10

I used varying weights per exercise because I had the resources available to me at the gym, but if you are at home with a single pair this will still work!  (Just do fewer reps on the exercises that are tough and increase reps on exercises easy at that weight  ei. maybe you can do 12 reps of curl and press, but only 8 with lateral raises–perfect!  My last rep of each exercise is TOUGH–gauge your weights appropriately.  Get after it!

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