Home Glute Workout

Today I varied my cardio up and went to a hill –probably the only hill in Florida– and did hill sprints with friends. We did about 15 accents sprinting up  with varying exercises at the top (flat part) of the hill such as shuffle sprints, high knee skips, and squat broad jumps.

Following this, I came home and did a quick Glute workout — improvising with equipment at home. You do not have to have every peice of equipment you see at the gym, you just have to improvise a little bit !! Like using a cooler as a bench 🙂 😉

If you are trying to tighten up your booty these glute exercises will help!  I learned the hard way that squatting 3-4x a week isn’t as effective for your glute gains as adding isolation exercises–especially if you are as quad dominant as I am when you squat.

Note: I did 3 rounds each exercise. Ten repetitions each 

Glute workout:

  • Barbell hip thrusts— to get the barbell off the floor–heels flat on ground, start with barbell resting on hips, use both arms to press up (I do the same movement as I would if I were doing tricep dips with bench)
    • Now find a comfortable starting position where you are resting on your upper back  with your legs at a 90 degree angle (picture on left)
    • Bring hips down, and thrust back up to starting position utilizing glute muscles.   I hold under tension at the top for one second before bringing back down.

  • Banded Arch-Ups— This exercise mimics a reverse hyper machine  using a resistant band and a bench
    • Start with resistance bands on feet, continue holding resistance bands while extending legs and back up.  Keep your legs straight. You will feel this in your glutes and lower back.
    • For more resistance hold the bands tighter.  I held the bands in front of me with straight arms on my last set (not shown) and PHEW it was tough.

  • Wide-stance Med ball squat jump— start with feet wider than your normal squat stance. Lower down to below parallel making sure your knees do not extend further than your toes, activate your glutes and jump!
    • You don’t need a medball for this exercise–use anything that adds weight: a dumbbell, a gallon of milk, etc.
    • That being said, You don’t need weight at all for this exercise–bodyweight is good as well.

  • Romanian Deadlifts— this exercise is the same movement as the normal deadlift, except you keep you legs as straight as possible (slight knee bend just to keep from locking knees) and activate your hamstrings on the pull up
    • Keep your chest up.  If someone was looking at your from the front they would still be able to read whats on your tee shirt if you are performing properly.
    • Squeeze glutes at the top
    • Lower slow and controlled to the ground.

  • Single-leg hip thrusts— just like the first exercise, but without weight  (and you’re only using one leg, captain obvious)
    • Make sure to keep your hips inline!


There you have it! Enjoy!

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