Ab circuit 

Doing Ab workouts used to be my least favorite. I actually avoided abs for a long time. It always felt so tedious and I wondered why I wasn’t seeing any results from doing 200 reps of crunches.  And the reason why was just that: I was just doing crunches.  Decline crunches. Normal Crunches. Crunches to the left. Crunches to the right. BORING.  I finally figured out you have to utilize different exercises and engage different muscles if you want to have a strong core.  PS, you DO NOT have to do abs more than once a week if you are ENGAGING and tightening your abs during your weight lifting workouts.  If you were to punch me in the stomach while I am performing a Lat pull-down, strict press, lateral raise, deadlift—you name it, A. you would probably get punched back, but B. you would feel that my core muscles are 100% engaged (WHATS IT LIKE PUNCHING ROCKS ?! 😛 )  This is where the majority of my ab work comes from–and it not only gives you a solid core, but it helps your form while weight lifting as well!  Make a conscious effort next time you pick up weights to engage the core!

One of my favorite circuits for a toned tummy! I do this routine once a week 🙂

Do this circuit 3-5 rounds : 

  • Ab roller- use your abs to roll in and out. Stay tight and connected.  15 reps

  •  Crunches on exercise ball – 30 reps

  • Tucks on exercise ball.  Put your toes on the ball roll out to a plank position–keep abs tight no saggy backs!! Using your abdominals roll the ball back into your tuck position. 15 reps
  • Toe touches – 30 reps

  • Oblique crunches on exercise ball. For stabilization I put my feet on the wall where it meets the carpet. Or you can have your gym partner hold your legs. 30 reps each side.

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