6.12 Leg Workout

 Today was leg day! Honestly, my least favorite day–but my greatest weakness, so I work legs twice a week!  Usually Monday and Friday– start and finish the week off with a bang!  Here is an example of a leg day workout utilizing a barbell or straight bar.  Feel free to use dumbbells or anything that could add some weight!Split Squats– 3 rounds of 10/each leg  For split squats: Focus on staying tight in core, keep your chest up!! Do not let knee pass your toes on your squat!

 High Knee Step Ups: 3 rounds  –20 reps/alternating each leg (10/leg)

Try your best not to push off with the leg that is coming off the floor–use your glute muscles to pull you up! Once up, stabilize and kick the leg that came off the floor into a high knee position.   Lateral lunges: 3 rounds  of 20 reps (alternating 10/each leg)
Side view of lateral lunge. Notice I am keeping my chest upright and my knee is not coming out in front of my toes  Front Squats: 3 rounds of 20 reps

Keep your chest up! Do NOT let the weight bring you down.  If this is too challenging, take a back rack position and complete back squats.  Notice how I keep my elbows up in the front rack position–this keeps my chest nice and upright.  Press off with HEELS when squatting with feet about shoulder width apart.  I like my toes pointed slightly out Curtsy Lunge 3 rounds  20 reps (10/leg alternating)

Start standing up with feet shoulder width apart, bring one leg behind you and diagonal –lunge down.  Return to starting position and alternate leg.Deadlifts 3 rounds of 12 reps.  Keep your back straight, legs slightly bent so you’re not locking at the knee, and squeeze your glutes at the top.

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