Supplements I Take

At the gym I am often asked about what supplements I am using.  Oh, supplements… Supplements can be effective to help you attain your goals–Whether it be to gain muscle mass, aide your body in recovery after a workout, or giving you the extra oomph at the gym.  There are many different kinds of supplements on the market–protein powders, amino acids, testosterone boosters, fat burners, pre workouts, etc etc. Some work, some don’t, and some may have the placebo effect.  I recommend doing your research on the kind of supplement and the brand before you buy.  I am a bare minimalist when it comes to supplements.  Here are the supplements I take: 

  Whey Protein Powder- Whey is a dairy protein, it contains all nine amino acids.  Amino acids are compounds that form proteins–which are essential in repairing tissue and muscle.  Whey protein promotes the growth of lean tissue mass.  I personally like to get most of my proteins from meats–chicken, steak, etc.  But, I always have whey protein powder for times I do not have time to sit down for a full meal after a heavy workout. I use this protein powder in a lot of baking as well, if you check out my recipe tab you’ll find some awesome protein pancake and protein donut recipes 🙂 Click to Purchase Cellucor-Cor-performance Series Whey Cinnamon Swirl – 2 Lbs.
  My favorite whey protein: Cellucor, Abouttime, Optimum Nutrition, and SFH,  in no particular order!

Amino Acids– “Amino Energy”  Like i mentioned above, amino acids are the building blocks of protein, thus are useful in the development of muscles and recovery.  I love Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition because it has caffeine– I’ll drink this 30 minutes before a workout to help give me a little extra spunk!  Also, I will occasionally drink before work for much needed energy.  My favorite flavor is strawberry lime, but the watermelon and grape are awesome as well!Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Click to Purchase

Turmeric capsules– Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.  I was told about Turmeric by a friend at the gym when I was having a hard time dealing with a tendonitis injury to my elbow– nothing was working, I took 2 months off upper body at the gym, ibuprofen, ice, elevation, massage…no luck.  Until I added Turmeric Capsules to my daily vitamins.  I noticed a difference in less than five days.  Now, I take them on a daily basis!  I was told to get the capsules with the black pepper extract– aides in properly absorbing (?) Not 100% sure, but the turmeric capsules that I found in the vitamin aisle at the grocery store didn’t include the black pepper, so I found these on! Here is the link: Amazon Turmeric Curcumin Capsules, Contains Black Pepper.

Multivitamins- Even the healthiest eater may miss some micronutrients!  Gotta have them vitamins and minerals!

Melatonin– Like I’ve stated in previous posts–specifically about sleep.  I take melatonin on days that I have to sleep before working night shift.  Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by your body to regulate sleep cycles.  Melatonin will aide you in getting to sleep, but will not keep you to sleep.  It has been a real lifesaver for me while on night shifts.  I do not need this every day, just for days I work.

 Fish Oil- contains omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA–these acids are essential acids, meaning your body needs them, but they are something your body cannot produce on it’s own so it must be supplemented.  Omega-3 fatty acids are known to reduce pain and swelling (also lower triglyceride levels/cholesterol).  The anti-inflammatory qualities of this supplement is the reason I take it daily.  Exercising, specifically weight lifting, 5-6 days a week can put strain on my muscles and joints causing inflammation.  A natural anti-inflammatory agent, especially one that is essential and needed by my body is a no brainer!  I have already read somewhere that fish oils can actually help build muscle,  but I am unsure of the patho behind that.

What supplements do you take???

3 thoughts on “Supplements I Take

  1. I also take most of the supplements which you mentioned like cellucor c4 extreme for pre workout or amino energy from ON and then whey protein from ON with couple of BCAA capsules. I eat oats with lots of fruits and then pop a multi vitamin and fish oil and after lunch I take a green tea extract gel tablet.


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