Tacos and Southwest Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 

Happy Tuesday Readers!  It’s that time again to share with you Meal Prep Monday Secrets and recipes!  This week I made tacos, southwest stuffed sweet potatoes, cilantro lime chicken, and ranch turkey meatballs!

Ingredients I used:

  • 4 lbs of lean ground turkey (1lb) was extra lean
  • ~2 lbs/1 package of chicken breast
  • 4 sweet potatoes
  • 2 cans of black beans
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning (mrs. dash– if watching sodium)
  • 2 bundles of cilantro (or cilantro paste)
  • 1 can southwest style corn
  • 3 limes
  • 1 packet ranch seasoning
  • corn tortillas or romaine leaf lettuce
  • veggies: for me, asparagus and broccoli
  • toppings for tacos: for me, chopped onion, jalepenos, guacamole

First, clean up your sweet potatoes, pierce them with forks, wrap in foil, and place in oven at 375 degrees. Bake until soft (~25 minutes)  Next, I began by making my Cilantro Lime Chicken— See recipe from last weeks post Here

While the chicken was marinated, I fixed up the tacos!

For the Tacos: I heat 2 lbs on stove, once cooked thoroughly–165 degress, I added the taco seasoning. I cooked a can of black beans with the leftover limes I used in the cilantro chicken.  (Once I was done squeezing juice on chicken I threw the entire lime in black bean and heat them up– once black beans are finished cooking remove limes and stir)   Now it is up to  you to add toppings. The toppings I used and recommend:

  • Chopped fresh cilantro
  • Sliced Jalepenos
  • Chopped raw yellow onion
  • Guacamole or avocado

I used corn tortillas for this recipe, but also tried a lower carb option with romaine leaves for taco shell as pictured below!  If using corn tortillas, heat them in the microwave between two moist paper towels for about 30 seconds.   I used 4 oz. turkey, 1/8 cup black bean, and 2 tablespoons of guac split between two tacos.

Macros for two tacos (including 2 corn tortillas and toppings)

350 calories  15 F  27C  25P

Two lbs of meat, 1 can black beans = dinner for my boyfriend and I (4 tacos each! :0 ) AND 4 taco meal preps for later in the week.  I added everything to tupperware except for the tortilla shell.  LOOKS SO YUMMY DOESN’T IT 😛

Above is using romaine leaves as taco shell for a low carb option!

Next, on to the Southwest Stuffed Sweet Potatoes!  (Put chicken in oven at this time if you haven’t already) I had the 4 sweet potatoes in oven baking–it’s been 25 minutes and they are soft!  So I took them out of oven and out of the tin foil (Careful, HOT)  to let cool.  Once cooled, I cut each in half and scooped out the inside, leaving skin.

Next, I mixed the inside of sweet potato in a bowl with 1 can of Southwest style corn (Corn mixed with poblano peppers and chiles), cilantro,  and 1/2 can of black beans



After it is all mixed,  place mixture back into shells.
If you want you could add some fat free cheddar cheese to these and re-bake them in the oven!

Macros for each stuffed sweet potato: (made total of 8 servings)

97 Calories   0.6F   21C  3 P

I placed 6 oz. cooked cilantro chicken, vegetables, and a stuffed sweet potato in tupperware containers.  What a yummy meal to look forward to!!  Made 8 Meals total ( 3 meals I made a little smaller with  4 oz. chicken)

Last is Ranch Turkey Meatballs: 1 lb of extra lean ground turkey and 1 lb of lean ground turkey (these ground turkey patties were on sale at the grocery store so I bought about 6!!) I just added the patties into the mixture–I’ll be mashing it all together anyhow! 🙂  I added 1 pouch of Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning and mixed together.  That’s it!  I formed meatballs out of the mixture and baked in the oven at 375 for about 12 minutes (Until 165 internal temp)
Prepped in tupperware containers with my cooked vegetables and ready to go.  I put 6oz of turkey in each–which was exactly 6 meatballs each, my meat ball making skills are getting good.

Macros for each serving (6 meatballs)

350 calories  9F  4C  47P

Total meals made with this prep: 4 taco, 4 meatball, 8 chicken and sweet potato for a grand total of 16 meals in less than 3 hours!

Enjoy 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tacos and Southwest Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 

  1. It all looks sooooo delicious (sans the chicken, replaced with soy products)! Guacamole is my favorite food.. I could put it on everything.


  2. Oh man I think I love you! I’ve just browsed through the recipes and they all look sooo good! I’m also a night shift nurse, so my motivation level to cook most days is *zero*. Thank you for posting all of this goodness! 🙂


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