Arm and Chest Workout

I have been slacking on the workout pages because I like to include pictures of how to do the exercises.  But, since I go to the gym alone this hasn’t been easy to accomplish!  I have included links to pictures I found online corresponding with some exercises that may confuse some people.  Hopefully this helps!

Arms and Chest

Superset: 3-5 rounds 8-10 increasing in weight

Superset:  3-5 rounds of 10

Cable Cross Over flyes  3x 8-12

Superset: 4 rounds of 10-12 increasing in weight

  • Cable Curl with rope attachment
  • Tricep push down with rope attachment

Superset:  4 rounds of 10

Superset: 3 rounds of 8-12 increasing in weight

  • Dumbbell hammercurl
  • Tricep extension

Tricep Dips 3×10

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