Dough Bar Doughnuts

Today after my night shift I received a lovely package in the mail.  It was a donut kit from Dough Bar Doughnuts.  These “doughnuts” are baked, not fried. They are a healthier alternative to the usual sugary treat with 17g of protein. As soon as I got inside, I opened it immediately–[practically ignoring my two fur babies, who were both starving for attention after not seeing me for a whole 12 hours, that’s 84 dog hours!! Poor pups]–and starting preparing my doughnut—they ship all of the toppings separate so you can control your macros.  Personally, I wouldn’t even care if they came pre-made because hey, when life gives you chocolate glaze and mini marshmallows YOU EAT ALL OF IT, right?!  But it was fun concocting it myself, putting each marshmallow on strategically, covering the entire doughnut with the delicious chocolate glaze–I felt like a kid again eating a lunchable meal, only this was better than that cold, not melted pizza or the ham and cheese crackers.

This doughtnut package I received was the s’mores–complete with chocolate glaze, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbs.  I have to admit, I am a sucker for ANYTHING s’mores.  I go gaga over s’mores poptarts–my favorite dessert to make is a s’more dip in a cast iron skillet–every time I get frozen yogurt–s’mores inspired.  So, I was extra pumped about this doughnut!

After my doughtnut masterpiece was constructed, I went face first,  all in, pedal to the metal. I was ever so surprised at the fluffiness of the doughnut– this puppy has 17g of protein packed inside, usually baking with protein causes your item to come out very dense, but it was delightfully airy.

The toppings were very good paired together, I really liked the chocolate glaze– I licked the container clean. If I only had one recommendation for the company its to include a paper with nutritional values on it.  I had no way of logging this in My Fitness Pal, but what MFP doesn’t know won’t kill me 😛   I did find on their instagram a comment regarding the nutritional value of this doughnut—so i guess I have no excuse now!  They are:

Doughnut: 241 cals  6.9F  31C  17P

Delicious toppings you can’t say no to:  148 cals 0F 38.7 C  0.5 P

Thank you Dough Bar Doughnuts for making a very happy nurse after a long night shift of work–not always easy to do!  For anyone that is interested, visit

4 thoughts on “Dough Bar Doughnuts

  1. I have a friend that loves donuts but she doesn’t eat them because of her fitness. She always post great donuts she makes with her protein powder! I might need to jump on the healthy cooked donuts 🙂


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