Clean Eats Fruit Topping

So, I was experimenting with new toppings for protein pancakes when I made this. And you won’t believe how simple this is –add fruit of choice to blender or food processor and that’s all she wrote!! The healthiest recipes are kept simple! 😉  You can add stevia for added sweetness if youd like (I think I’m going to do this next time) This fruit purée makes any meal feel like a dessert! 🙂

I have the nutri-bullet  I didn’t have to add any liquid to the purée and the final product wasn’t seedy or gritty in texture! It was perfectly blended and smooth. Other blenders may have different results — that being said, if you don’t have one of these bad boys I highly  recommend one !  I use it for all my protein shakes. And if you blend spinach, kale, and fruits you have healthy green “juices” I quote juice because  it turns into a thicker than juice consistency –but smooth as can be, no grit, no goo, no chunks for anyone with texture issues like myself. The benefit of doing this is the entire fruit and vegetable is accounted for–unlike juicers that dispose of most the valuable fiber and vitamins in the fruits and veggies !!

I made 10 strawberries worth– it came out to about 20 tablespoons I measured and put into a mason jar. 

And then the experiments began:

A. Banana cream Greek yogurt     

It looks like a sundae !! Oh so good 🙂

Except this sundae is only 86 calories,   10 carbs, and 12g protein!

Experiment B: Oatmeal, swapped out my normal blueberries for the purée and it was a yummy in my tummy swap!
Experiment C: swirled in my protein shake   Yum strawberry swirls in birthday cake : A+  

D: Mixed in cottage cheese. Yes  it tastes like those fruit on bottom cups, but without all the added sugars!

What else do you think this would be tasty with?? Any fruit you would rather try over strawberries?

I am going to try mango next 🙂

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