Travel Tips

Hi everyone! I am writing from my hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania.  I came up from Florida just for the long weekend for a cousins wedding.  I wanted to share with you some of my travel tips for staying in shape.  A long weekend away from your normal routine shouldn’t mean throwing everything you worked for away!  It will be harder to get back into your routine when you get back home if you decide to take a “hell, it’s vacation!” mentality.  I’m not saying that you have to be miserable and have no fun!  Or that you can’t have a cheat meal,  –as you know I am a large advocator for the cheat meal!  But, not a cheat week!

1. Pack high protein snacks.  Snacks with high protein will keep you fuller longer. They are good for long car rides or plane rides.  I chose beef jerky and quest protein bars.

2. Drink water– avoid the caffeinated diet beverages, such as diet pepsi, coke, etc.  They are high in sodium and will also leave you craving water (thirst, in fact, mimics hunger—this could result in you hitting up the Auntie Annes Pretzel stand at the airport ! )

3. Grocery shop when you get to your destination –unless you’re traveling somewhere “All-Inclusive” (then lucky you!) You will need to buy your own food.  I recommend going grocery shopping so you are not reliant on going out to restaurants for every meal—sure they have healthy options, BUT how often are you about to order the chicken, hold the seasonings, extra broccoli on the side—and then, the steaming plate of Lobster Mac n’ Cheese and BBQ Ribs with Loaded, cheesy mashed potatoes come out of the kitchen–smells wafting by as the waiter brings it to the table next to you…. How easy is it to actually order that healthy chicken breast and broccoli ?  About as easy it is to return a hardboiled egg back to original form for an omelet.

I bought: oats, 6 pack of eggs, fat free cottage cheese, low calorie fat free greek yogurt, fresh fruit, a pack of green beans, pack of bella mushrooms, and chicken breasts.  I had access to a stove so I was able to bake the chicken and sauté the green beans and mushrooms together— thus creating 4 pre-made meals.

4. GYM TIME! Depending on where you travel, you should be able to find a gym nearby.  Most, if not all, will give you A FREE pass if you ask– usually they are 3 days to a week long so members can “try out” the gym to see if they want to join.  I was provided with a 7-day free pass to a fitness center in PA.  I know places such as LA fitness offer 3-day complimentary passes.  I highly recommend utilizing these opportunities.  Even if your hotel has a fitness center– go to the gym at least a couple days, because the fitness center is usually lacking in equipment AND motivation.

5. Enjoy your family 🙂


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