5 Weeks Out From My First Bikini Competition

Hi readers!  August 22nd, that is the date of stage time for my competition.  That is only five short weeks away!

I want to post a weekly update on my bikini competition every Saturday– mainly for personal reference, so if I have luck with this prep and I ever want to compete again, I can look back and see what I did… but also to share with anyone else who may be at the same time period away from their competition.  I know it is always interesting to me to learn what other people are doing in the same situation.  I’ve read a few different blog posts by former bikini competitors “5 weeks out” posts just last night!

Currently, I have been on key with my macro percentages at 40/40/20  (40p/40c/20f)  but my calories differ each day because I am not following a structured diet, I am eating how I want and what I crave each day.  My calories range from 1750-2050 per day.   I am mildly worried that the 2000cal is a little to heavy for how close I am to the competition, but I think I will begin to taper down 3-4 weeks out, I do not want to crash and burn with over a month of hard work that needs to be accomplished in the gym!!

Currently, the hardest aspect of my nutrition is the night shift work.  I work 7pm to 730am as an RN.  I do not sleep well during the day, so therefore the days I work I am only getting around 5-6 hours of sleep–as opposed to 8-10 I get on the nights I do not work.  This provides me with 3-4 extra awake hours that I eat!  

Example day in nutrition:

Meal one:   (pre-workout)
1/3c. oats
2/3c. blueberries
1 tbs. flax/chia blend
3 hardboiled or scrambled eggwhites

Amino Energy as pre workout supplement

Meal two: (leaving gym)
1 questbar

Meal three: (within 1 hr post workout)
4 oz chicken
130 g potato
1/2 c green beans

Meal four:
        1 cup  5x protein so delicious Almond Milk
        1/3 c. frozen blueberries
        2 tbs PB2 powdered peanut butter
.8oz beef jerky

Meal five:
5 oz baked cod
1/2 c peas
1 apple

Meal six:
2 oz spinach and argula
1 c romaine
5oz chicken breast
1/2 c fat free cheese
8 kalamata olives
(dressing spray of olive oil cooking spray and red vinegar)

Meal seven:  (when I work nights ONLY)
5 strawberries
Packet of Starkist Tuna Creations
1 serving (6) Reduced fat Triscuts


Workouts have focused on leg training because I feel that is my weakest area for bikini– I have been focusing on lower body for 3 days. My training schedule looks like:

Strength: Back & Abs  
Cardio: 20-30 minutes LISS

Strength: Legs/plyometrics 
Cardio: Crossfit/circuit training  and 20-30 minutes LISS

Strength: Shoulders & Abs 
Cardio: 20-30 minutes LISS

Strength: Legs/glute focus
Cardio: Crossfit and 20-30m LISS

Thursday OFF

Strength: Legs 
Cardio: 20-30 minute LISS

Strength: Arms and Chest 
Cardio: 30-45 minute LISS

I’m excited to see what the next five weeks have in store for me! I appreciate all the support I have been getting via my blog and instagram! The kind words do not go unnoticed!!



21 thoughts on “5 Weeks Out From My First Bikini Competition

  1. You’re looking great and I wish you all the luck!! And btw your meal plan is looking delicious, I might have to try it! ☺️💪🏻


  2. Methinks you’re going to win… or at least place really well. Everything about your meals and exercise is smart. And working around that type of schedule is impressive as well.


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