Glute and Hamstring Focused Workout

Recently, I met with a posing coach to begin to get this posing thing down for my upcoming bikini competition.  Surprisingly, this may be the hardest part of the competition prep!  The posing is very awkward and unnatural–and then you throw in 4-5 inch heels!  My grace resembles bambi on ice  BUT nevertheless, it is a work in progress and every day I am improving.  Meeting with the posing coach definitely helped.  The coach–whom is also a renowned bikini competition JUDGE– gave me great positive feedback!  I was a little worried she may believe I am “too muscular” or need to “soften” a little bit, but she actually said I looked great for bikini!  Her only criticism was that the next four weeks i need to focus on my glute and hamstring development. Which was something I already knew.  i have begun incorporating lower body workouts 2-3x/week.  Here is an example of my glute/ham workout:

Cable lateral leg raises  5×15 each leg

Donkey Kicks with dumbbell 5×25 each leg  (rest dumbbell in crease behind knee)

Leg Press 5×25  (focus on pushing with HEELS, foot placement with toes almost hanging off platform.  Activate hamstrings and glutes each press)

Laying Leg Curls 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8 (begin with a lighter weight, continue to add weight and decrease reps by two)

Hip thrusts with laying leg curl machine (or use barbell if you feel awkward using this machine in that way!!) 5×12

Hip Abduction 5x   25 reps leaning forward  10 pulses  10 reps sitting upright

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