4 Weeks Out

I can’t believe another week has passed by already! This leaves me only 1 month until stepping on stage for my first NPC bikini competition.  This week has been challenging, yet beneficial.  I met with a posing coach at the beginning of the week.  She gave me great feedback and recommendations.  Although, she completely tore apart the posing I was practicing and had me do a completely different routine.  This was stressful at first, but I have plenty of time to practice this new routine and make it habit!  She is a bikini/figure competition judge herself, so she really knows what the judges are looking for!   After practicing her routine in front of the mirror, I could tell how much it really highlighted my features and made my waist appear thinner.  I still do not feel very graceful in the heels.  So now it is just practice, practice, practice!

This week in nutrition has been a little bit stressful.  It didn’t help that it was my boyfriends birthday so he had a giant delicious pizza around the house and I made him a nutella frosted donut cake.

The struggle is real— tupperware meal instead of Chicago Style Pizza

I attempted to cut down on carbs (even limiting fruits) and calories (staying around 1700-1850 calories), but I ended up miserable by Thursday.   I was MIS-ER-A-BLE.  I came home from night shift and ate a nutella whipped cream covered donut (part of that birthday cake I mentioned previously)  and a pint of Artic Zero with Nutella on top. This is at 8 am, mind you!   Oi vey!!! But, I didn’t let it bother me too much– I’m not going to beat myself up for eating over my calories with a food that I “shouldn’t” have.   I figure my body was trying to tell me something.. I need to switch something up.  This week I would feel hungry EVEN after eating my meal prep meals— so I have come up with the conclusion that I need to add more veggies to my meal preps to fill me up and satiate my hunger.

typical prepped meal 4oz chicken, 1/2c green beans, 130g sweet potato

Right now my meal preps only have 4oz protein, 1/4c carb, and 1/2cup veggies.  I am going to increase the veggies to 1 cup.  As far as fruits go, I don’t think I am going to restrict them as much–I’d rather satiate my sweet tooth with some berries, than go off and eat another donut!!

Most recent progress shot, taken Friday 7/24

Sample Day of Food:

Meal One: PreWorkout (383 Cal, 32 carb, 10 fat, 41 pro)

( I got tired of egg whites and oatmeal so I made it into a pancake)

  • Pancake made with 1/3c instant oats, 3 egg whites, 1 scoop cinnamon protein powder
  • Topped with 2 tablespoons of Chocolate Cashew Gbutter (low carb/ low cal nut butter—check it out!)
  • 1/3 c blueberries  (added into the pancakes)
  • Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Meal Two: Immediately Post Workout (222 cal, 34 carb, 8 fat, 21pro)

  • Quest Bar
  • 1/2 c blueberries

Meal Three: Within 1 hr post workout (276 cal,  18 carb, 1 fat, 41 pro)

(All as a wrap)

  • Xtreme Wellness! High Fiber Low Carb Tortilla
  • 4oz chicken breast
  • 1 tbs Dijon Mustard
  • 1/4 c. fat free cheddar cheese
  • 2/3 c. spinach and arugula mix

Meal Four: (288 cal, 16 carb, 2 fat, 41 pro)

(completely random, but I was meal prepping and ate a little bit of everything!)

  • 3oz Shrimp
  • 2 oz Chicken Breast
  • 2oz Cod
  • 1/3c brown rice
  • 1/2 green beans

Meal Five: (220cal, 15 carb, 2 fat, 40pro)

2 oz beef jerky

1 Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt

Meal Six: (370 cal, 35 carb, 11 fat, 35 pro)

(Pre-bedtime casein shake)

  • 70 g Artic Zero Cookie Dough Chip
  • 32 g Optimum Nutrition Mint Chocolate Chip Casein
  • 1 cup Vanilla Almond Milk Plus 5x Protein
  • 15g Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

TOTALS: 1820 Cal   159 Carb,  35 Fat,  219 Pro 

Again, I do not eat a cookie cutter bro-science diet.  I follow IIFYM, or If It Fits Your Macros.  My diet changes every day.  I have been following 40/40/20  (40% protein 40% carbs 20% fats) and it has been working wonders for me!  (The example day above was actually 45% pro 35% carb 20% fat)    I have been making up weird concoctions to curb cravings without damaging my diet.  I made a “Pizza” from a low carb tortilla, 4oz chicken breast, 1/4 cup sauce, 1/4cup fat free mozzarella, and 6 slices turkey pepperoni—and it was DELICIOUS.  (397 cal. 24carb , 4 fat, 54 pro)

breakfast! egg white and oat pancake with protein powder and greek yogurt glaze! Here is with a Cookies n Cream Protein powder from Cellucor.

Like I stated early, I have been making “pancakes” from oats and egg whites–they are more like oat omelets, but adding some flavored protein powder makes them better and a good switch up from just oats with a side of egg whites.  I also mix some greek yogurt, protein powder, and almond milk to get a icing like consistency and top my pancakes with that!! It’s almost like tricking your mind into thinking you’re eating dessert 🙂
I have added a Casein Supplement, which is a slow digesting protein, to my nutrition plan –I take it every day before bed, It’s delicious mixed with almond milk!!   When on a low calorie diet, you may lose muscle mass because your not supplying your body with all of its energy needs– so your body uses your stored sources (adipose, tissues, muscles) for energy.  Casein provides a  SLOW release of proteins and amino acids, so it will be providing your body with the proteins needed to build muscle.

My workouts have not changed, except I had increased my LISS cardio from 20-30 minutes a day to 45 minutes every day.  Which is BORRRING.  But, right now I do not want to lose muscle mass, so the low intensity is preferred.

I’m still performing high intensity crossfit workouts at the box 1-3 days a week,  when I cut carbs/calories closer to the show date I will definitely have to begin to scale to workload/volume down to maintain muscle.

So far so good, I’m learning a lot about my body– making changes as needed, and riding the roller coaster of life while doing so!!  Thank you for all the continued support and for following my journey!


8 thoughts on “4 Weeks Out

  1. Love how you came home And ate the donut cake!!! Sometimes I would feel the same way and do the same exact thing and wouldn’t tell anyone bc they would yell at me..but I agree, your body is telling you something and you need to listen to it! Not worth it if you’re miserable.

    Doing great girlfriend, Finish strong 🙂


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