2 Ingredient High Protein Ice Cream Sandwiches 

This is a simple, yet delicious and awesome high protein dessert.  You only need two ingredients:  a quest bar and Arctic Zero   see my previous post My Favorite Products to find out where to get these.  1. Warm up a quest bar of choice in microwave for 10-15 seconds on a microwave safe dish (just enough for it to be easy to work with and malleable)  Split the quest bar in half and roll two balls from the dough.  
2.  Form the balls into flat cookies.  Here is a total of 2 quest bars–4 total cookies made.  Bake this in the oven at 350F  for 5-7 minutes.   Or you can Broil for 3-5 minutes.3. Top one cookie with a serving size of Arctic Zero Ice Cream
4. Put another  cookie on top and ENJOY!!

Look at the macros:

245 calories with 23 g protein!!!  And it’s actually healthier than it appears here because of those 24 carbs in the questbar, 19 of them are FIBER!!! So that’s really only 5 net carbs.
  Lets compare this to another cookie ice cream sandwich:

About the same calories, but YIKES! Look at that fat—and 24g SUGAR? Next to no protein, NO FIBER–with 34g carbohydrates.  Opt for the healthier ice cream treat! You will feel great and it doesn’t even taste healthy! 🙂

Delicious with a smores quest bar too!!



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