HIIT Workout Wednesday 

This weeks’ workout brought to you by Matt Saeler at Real Fitness Sarasota 

Complete each station/exercise for 1 minute, then rest 0:20. Move onto the next exercise on the list for the following minute. Complete all seven stations 3 times through! 

 3 Rounds: 

  • Row :60 ON / :20 OFF
  • 50 ft. sled push :60 ON / :20 OFF
  • Bar-Touching Burpees :60 ON / :20 OFF
  • Wallballs (20/14) :60 ON / :20 OFF
  • 10m sprints :60 ON / :20 OFF
  • AirDyne Sprint  :60 ON / :20 OFF
  • 50 ft. farmer’s carry (70/55) :60 ON / :20 OFF

This was a burner! That measly twenty seconds is just enough time to make the transition to the next exercise ! 

If you don’t have a sled to push, push a 45 lb plate –preferably on turf or carpet. Stay low with a flat back, you’ll feel the fire in your hamstrings if you’re doing it correctly!!

Have fun!!


2 thoughts on “HIIT Workout Wednesday 

  1. Love, HIIT not only becaseu it pushes me to my absolute limits but becasue it only takes few minutes haha. Just finished with my session today and now sitting drenched in sweat so I shoulod probably go and shower now xD


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