1 Week Until Showtime !

Only 1 week left until my first NPC bikini competition. Words can’t express my thoughts and feelings. I am freaking out just a bit to be honest– did I diet right? What will the venue look like? Will I mess up my posing routine?!

But, on the other hand, I’m excited   I’m excited to show off my accomplishments. I’m excited to have my weekly cheat meal again AKA PIZZA!!! I think that is the first thing I want when I’m done on Saturday– a big slice of cheesey pepperoni pizza 😛 🙂

I have been eating the craziest concoctions lately trying to satiate cravings while keeping calories relatively low (still at 1900/day). I’ve been eating a lot of egg whites with sugar free syrup and peanut butter –my boyfriend and friends gag at the sight.
I’ve been using PB2 in my oatmeal (zucchini oatmeal–see previous post ! Another crazy concoction I’ve been consuming on a daily basis ) and I adds great peanut butter flavor for only 1.5 g fat (compared to 14g of regular peanut butter)


I’m very excited to be off such a restrictive diet so I can start blogging more again!! I have so many great recipes to try and share with you guys! Some include: protein cinnamon banana bread, protein low-fat cheesecake, no sugar added cookies, grouper with mango salsa,  the list goes on and on!! I’ve been basically eating nothing but my lemon herb cod Recipe Here  and baked chicken seasoned with mrs dash sodium free seasonings or lime and cilantro Recipe Here  —nothing interesting enough to blog about (or nothing I haven’t blogged about already)

So, this week I’m trying my best to lower/eliminate my dairy intake because it can have an inflammatory response in the body. I’m reducing sugar intake–lowering but not eliminating fruits.

Workout wise, I’m going to be working out normally Sunday-Wednesday, maybe a light cardio on Thursday, and off completely Friday and Saturday.

One week progress pictures: 

I’m extremely lucky I have such a supportive and loving boyfriend. He’s been great! He has been understanding and helping out tremendously with chores around the house –by the end of the day I am completely wiped out! The amount of working out I am doing is taking all the energy I have! The last thing I want to do when I get home is sweep the floors and do the dishes. (Not that I WANT to do those things when I am not on a calorie deficit–but you know what I mean!)

Aside from him bringing Steak and Shake home and eating it all RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME the other day, he’s been a gem  hahaha!! He was just testing out my willpower 😉

Work has been especially hard. I have not been sleeping great for my shifts. I got a total of 10 hours of sleep in THREE days– night shift is no joke when you are training hard on a calorie and carb deficit.  I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. I’ve been pushed to my very limits while prepping for this show AND working nights –both physically and mentally. I’ve been at the point of pure exhaustion and muscle fatigue– sitting at work, nearing tears, wondering how I will survive all night.

Now, only four (including tonight) more shifts until my show.  I am hoping that my sleep will be better this week since my workouts will not be at a high intensity.  Here’s to hoping!

Here are my progress pictures side by side. Posing continues to change so it’s hard to tell differences for me. I see the most difference of in the definition of my arms and my legs.

Well if you can’t see big differences in those four pictures take a look at my back progress!! All within one month  pretty neat !!! (4=four weeks out, 2= two weeks out, 1= one week out/today)

I can’t believe that next post I will be posting show day pictures with a ridiculous tan spray–reflecting on the day and telling you how I placed! These past five weeks have gone by so fast and I greatly appreciate all your support, positive comments and feedback! Stay tuned for all my recipes that I will be trying after the show 🙂 you’ll love them !

9 thoughts on “1 Week Until Showtime !

  1. Hi Rachel! Lovely blog 🙂 Happy I found you … I wish you all the best for your competition! You look beautiful and strong and lean, I’m sure you will rock that show!
    Looking forward to future posts! I’m going to follow for sure 🙂
    have a relaxing sunday,


  2. Hey Rachel!!! You look amazing and good luck on your show I will be doing bikini as well at the Las Vegas Classic in 2 months!!! Good luck 💪🏼💪🏼😊


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