Vitacost! And My Favorite Products

Vitacost! Everytime I go onto this website I am like a kid in a candy store!

I love love love this website! It has absolutely all the essentials for a healthier lifestyle at unbeatable prices. You can get everything from protein powders and other supplements (amino acids, BCAAs, creatine) to protein bars such as, my favorite, quest bars, and even gourmet grocery items.

They have amazing healthy snack foods no matter your diet or lifestyle.  They have paleo snacks (whole foods/nothing processed/no dairy)  gluten free, low carb, etc.

Here is a picture of my first vitacost haul:  (Not pictured is my second AND third haul…..only weeks after the first 😛 )

My favorite items are:

  • Nut butters–“buff bake” snicker doodle flavor and cookie flavor,  “Justin’s” honey almond butter.  I sent Vitacost a product request for them to look into trying to get Gbutter as well, so we will see 🙂
  • Plentils- lentil chips, so tasty if you crave salty!! The serving size is large and the calories and fats are low! I got the garlic Parmesan flavor and margarita pizza flavor!  1 serving is 31 chips! Definitely large enough to curb any chip cravings!
  • “The good bean” chickpea snacks. This is the perfect healthy snack with a nice crunch. I take these to work while working night shift and I get the cravings to munch on something. My favorite is the chocolate flavor. It’s delicious! Satisfies my sweet tooth, but not too sweet.  I also like the spicy chili lime 😛 It is the perfect amount of spice! It’s got a good kick to it!  I’m waiting for my order of sweet cinnamon ! I’ll let you know how it is !

  • Dry roasted edamame beans are a similar snack that controls the salty cravings–similar crunch as the chickpeas as well. Very good!
  • Walden farms calorie free pancake syrup   This product helped me get through bikini contest prep. The taste to pancake syrup is SPOT ON  it has zero calories and zero carbs/sugars therefore if you are against artificial sweeteners this product isn’t for you.
  • PB2 powdered peanut butter– tastes identical to peanut butter but low calorie and low fat because it is in a powder form without all the oils that comes from the butter. I add this to shakes and oatmeal. I’ve had it every single day since I’ve purchased it!  I added a picture of the label so you could see those macros for yourself!  45 calories and 1.5g fat?! Incredible!
  • Dried fruits – they have dehydrated or dried fruits WITHOUT added sugars. Hard to find in normal grocery stores. I love the mango! “Bare” apple chips are also excellent!
  • “Krunchy Melts” Sugar Free Chocolate Meringue Cookies- If you are a chocolate lover you MUST try these– only 20 calories per pack—WHAT. 20 calories and sugar free. The only bummer of this product is that you can only order 7 at a time!  I wish I could find a giant box of these! They are so decadent and take your chocolate craving away instantly.  They taste like chocolate ice cream and the meringue melts right in your mouth. HEAVEN.
  • Quest Bars–you know my thoughts on these, love them
  • Supplements– I bought Optimum Nutrition BCAAs from Vitacost, amazing price! They have an incredible and quite frankly, impressive selection of supplements to choose from ranging from protein powders, preworkouts, amino acids, etc.
  • Flours–they have a large selection of baking flours.  I bought coconut flour, almond meal, and flax meal.   I also got great low sugar/ sugar free granola!!
  • Nuts- vitacost has a variety of nuts for good prices, the vitacost brand is the cheapest. Almonds, cashews, Brazilian nuts, anything you can think of.  I bought the chocolate covered almonds with NO regrets.
  • Gluten free products-  If you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, vitacost has an entire section loaded with goodies for you!  Ranging from cereals to soups to cookies and treats!  I have no issues with gluten myself, but I purchased the “Glutino” gluten free Pretzels because I LOVE their crunch and flavor!
  • Coconut Aminos– a soy-free faux “soy sauce” with a similar flavor to regular soy sauce but with much less sodium!

I could probably go on and on about how great Vitacost is, but you should check it out for youself.  I am always amazed at the Fast and Free Shipping (over $49)  It arrives in a few short days after placing the order!  If you do take my word for it and try out Vitacost, click the link below because you can get $10 off your first order!  It is how I first got hooked–everyone loves money off! Plus free shipping 🙂

Save $10 Off Your Order at Vitacost!

Post in comments what your favorite Vitacost products are, or if you have shopped there for the first time following this recommendation—I’d love to know your opinions and feedback on the site and what products you were most excited about!!  I’m sure the more I shop there will be a sequel to this post reviewing more products!

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