Second Bikini Competition Overview

Hi Everyone!! I have been MIA for a few weeks because I have been so focused on work and my recent bikini competition. I did not have the time to create new recipes, nor did I want to bore you with weekly updates like I did last competition.  So, I just wanted to write a post letting you know this girl is BACK!  I will be taking at least three months off (if not more) to reverse diet and build a little more muscle (hopefully in the hamstrings and glutes) before competing again!  I am now focused on applying to graduate school and blogging.   I am even taking a week off of the gym entirely to regroup, relax, and give my body a chance to repair.  It feels a little strange because I am such a creature of habit and order– I feel like I am totally missing something each day, but I know that it is for the best for my body.  I am also taking a week break from counting macros.  Not one calorie has been counted since Friday and it is very nice to not worry about it at this time.  I will go back to counting macros and hitting the gym regularly by this weekend.

As far as the competition prep this time around, it was so much easier than the first time.  I think the mere fact that I knew what to expect made it 100x better.  I also knew more about my body and my cravings this time around.  I knew when I was just bored or tired –not truly hungry,  and I figured out ways to stop those cravings.  Peppermint herbal tea was a HUGE help– every time I felt hungry due to boredom or being tired (especially at work during night shifts), I sipped on a large glass of hot peppermint tea and BOOM, cravings and feeling of hunger gone.  I also sipped on BCAAS — Branch Chain Amino Acids, these are the building blocks of protein and aid in muscle growth and recovery.  BCAAs are extremely beneficial when you are dieting and want to retain muscle, because if your calorie intake drops too low, your body will begin using muscle for energy and storing fat.  BCAA gives your body that energy so you can maintain the integrity of your muscle mass with a low calorie deficit .  I highly recommend MAN Sports BCAA Sour Batch Kids If you like the Sour Patch Kids candies these BCAAs are for you!! They are so tasty. They also make a Swedish Fish and Nerds flavor.  They are not terribly sweet, just enough to completely eliminate my sweet tooth cravings.  I would sometimes drink three large glasses per day (or night, when at work)  It helped me keep my calories down without being miserable.

I stuck with an “if it fits your macros” approach.  I relied heavily on lean ground turkey (I found Jenny-Os Italian Seasoned kind the BEST, it was already seasoned and so yummy) chicken, and sirloin steak. I stuck with green beans for the majority of prep, because I found that I didn’t dread eating it like I did broccoli. and I utilized sweet potatoes and small, baby yellow & red potatoes as my carbs/starches because, frankly, I was over rice.  And I have to say, I enjoyed my meals.  I looked forward to them.  This was very different than last prep.  I didn’t use ANY extra lean ground turkey or white fish, because even though it was lower in calories and fats, I DREADED it.  The secret to success is finding something you LIKE!  If you like what you are doing, what you are eating, you’re going to have no issues sticking to it!

My show was on Saturday November 7th in Saint Augustine, Florida.  It went well overall! I was pretty frazzled at first because my hair did not turn out how I wanted it to for prejudging show in the morning.  There was limited space and no outlets for my hair curler, so I wasn’t able to even begin to fix it.  But I went out on stage with confidence and tried to keep my frizz ball of a mane  under control by sweeping to one side.  Below is a picture right after prejudging.

Overall, I placed first in my class of Bikini over 5’7″ (Bikini D) and therefore put me in the running for top place overall.  I ended up somewhere in top 4 out of about 50 girls! This qualifies me to compete on a national level anytime within the next year!  I am very excited about that.  I will definitely be competing at nationals sometime next year! I will work my booty off to get ready for that in the mean time 🙂

Some stage shots from finals :

Screen shot 2015-11-08 at 4.46.13 PM

I really enjoy what I do,  I love every second of being on that stage and showing the hard work I have put into my body.  I see myself as a work of art, you don’t hide a wonderful piece of artwork in a drawer, you put it on display!  I felt extremely honored to have taken first place in Bikini D, the girls

Screen shot 2015-11-08 at 4.44.18 PM were GORGEOUS and they all had amazing physiques.  I went into finals having no idea where I placed, just thinking I would be grateful to be in top 5.  Below is the top 5 girls during the final award ceremony.  Absolutely stunning if I do say so myself!  Very blessed and honored to be considered top of the class next to these ladies.

Well, stay tuned for some new recipes and work outs coming. I look forward to sharing with you!  I hope I can continue to motivate and inspire–even just one person– to live a healthier lifestyle.  It really is all about your mindset, you can do anything if you believe you can.  It won’t be easy, but I can assure you it will be worth it.  Take care!  Love you all!


7 thoughts on “Second Bikini Competition Overview

  1. Awesome work. Be proud of all you have achieved and now enjoy the journey ahead. You look fantastic btw. Credit to all your hard work and dedication.


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