Product Review: Phormula-1 Pure Whey Protein

I have a confession, I do not use a protein supplement often.  I am a “I’d rather eat it” type of person and prefer to get my protein from food sources.  That being said, there are some times when life gets in the way and between going to the gym, going to work, having to go to the grocery store, doing laundry…  well, sometimes you just don’t have time for those whole meals.

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As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, you must meet your macro nutrient and calorie requirements for the day in order to see optimum results.  I know there are people, females especially, that LOVE the days that they are “too busy to eat” because they only consume about 500 calories.  They think they are on the fast track to losing weight and one day closer to that hollywood ‘J-Lo’ body.  In fact, this is absolutely wrong. Too low on calories actually can cause your body to hold on and retain fat.  Too low intake of calories is detrimental for someone who is trying to add lean muscle.   Muscles need protein to build, repair, and grow.  Proteins have calories.  Your body NEEDS calories.

This is were supplementation comes into play.  Supplementation is just that, a supplement to add to your regimen if you are not meeting criteria in  your normal diet.  It is not a cure all, fix all to “make you big.”  That being said, ladies– protein does not “give you big muscles”  Otherwise, every omnivore walking would be ripped like Arnold.

Protein supplementation is good for a fast snack while on the go.  It does NOT have to be only consumed following weight lifting session, although this is a good time to supplement if you are too busy to have a protein-containing meal after the gym.  When I supplement my protein I usually take it with me and make a shake either after the gym or at work.  I also use whey protein for baking all the time!  I have made muffins, breads, cookies, doughnuts, cookies— see some of my recipes under desserts and/or breakfasts!

Onto the product, Phormula-1 by the company 1st Phorm. This is a 100% hydrolyzed whey protein powder.  Hydrolyzed means that the protein was prepared with low-temperatures and this allows your body to more rapidly digest the protein, compared to other whey proteins that have their amino acid chains broken apart by a heating factor.

Being hydrolyzed, this protein isolate is the ideal protein to have following a workout because it will be absorbed by the body at a fast rate, replenishing your bodys’ needs for muscle repair and lean muscle tissue growth in the fastest means possible.

Each serving contains 5g BCAAs, or branch chain amino acids, the building blocks to protein and building, repairing, and growing muscle. This is the recommended daily intake of BCAA’s so technically it’s like your getting a 2-for-1 deal on your supplements!

Phormula-1 protein comes in many different and delicious flavors, all of which are little to no carbs– so it is perfect for a low carb or competition prep diet.  The popular flavors include: Loop D Fruit – which is a Fruit Loop spin on flavors.  This protein tastes exactly like the remaining milk from your fruit loop cereal and I can guarantee you will leave you feeling nostalgic.  CTC is a protein that tastes like the milk from a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, also a huge sip of nostalgia.

They have other flavors such as Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk Chocolate, as well as fruit flavors such as: fruit punch, cherry lime, and watermelon.


johnna brynn photography

I have to admit my personal favorite for a shake has to be the Loop Fruit flavor.  Cinnamon Toast Crunch is great to bake with.  Cinnamon is such an easy flavor to incorporate into all of your favorite protein baked goodies.

Macros  (1 scoop= 26 grams)

94 calories     0 fat     1 carb   23 protein


Post workout Loop D Fruit protein shake! To check out 1st Phorm and, if you’re interested in these delicious protein supplements click on the link below. You will be given free priority shipping if you order with the link as well!

1st Phorm — free shipping
Check them out 🙂

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