Now accepting clients for coaching related to your specific fitness goals. Limited spaces available.

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Client 13 week Progress

Nutrition only coaching— Advice and guidance on IIFYM, “If It Fits Your Macros” dieting approach.  Your specific macros tailored to you and your goals.  Meal plan examples provided and tailored to your specific taste and favorite meals. Prices begin at $75 dollars/month which will include your macros– and two sample meal plans that fit your macros.  Will also include any and all questions answered anytime via email or text.  If you would like me to prepare you different meal plans each week, pricing will be increased.

Pricing beginning at $75/month


Gym Programming only— Weekly training regime provided and tailored to your specific goals– whether it be increased strength, fat loss, crossfit endurance, or overall functional fitness.  This is not a cookie cutter program.  I will change up your training as needed to best suit you and your body. Will include 5-6 programmed days with weightlifting and cardio circuits– frequency depending on your personal goals.  New programming sent every week so you are never bored.

Pricing $100/month


Nutrition and training combination— a combination of both IIFYM dieting guidance and a specific training program tailored to your specific goals.  All that is listed above for each is included in this package.  Best deal overall!

Pricing begining at $150/month


9.5 week progress


Bikini Competition Prep coaching— combination of nutrition plan with training program, focusing on leaning out for bikini competition.   This will include IIFYM approach to nutrition. Supplementation counseling.  Will include skype posing sessions and weekly check-ins–daily check ins beginning at 4 weeks out from competition.  Contact number and email for asking questions at any time. 100% support provided. Diet and training program frequently updated per your individual needs.  Will walk you through what to expect for show day before stepping on stage!  Show day check list included!



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Client 12 week Progress

All payments will be made through Paypal

Please Email me with inquires


Sarasota locals

Interested in bikini competition posing? For those that are local near Sarasota or the Tampa Bay Area of Florida I will be available with posing lessons. Posing lessions for bikini only, but have a teammate that will be available if any males are looking for physique posing coaching. Contact me for more information. Lessons will be done in Sarasota.  The larger the group , the greater the discount!

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