How To Set Up MFP to Count Macros

  If you are following a flexible diet or IIFYM/If it fits your macros, you have to tediously count and keep track of your macronutrients.  This process isn’t as time consuming as you may think with the help of My Fitness Pal.  My Fitness Pal is an application you can get on your smart phone or tablet that acts as a food journal.  You can also input your exercise and water input.  This application takes all the guessing out of it!  When you first log into MFP its settings will be pre-set.  Like I’ve said in my postWhat is IIFYM? everyones macronutrients are going to be different.  It is variable on your weight, your goal weight, and your activity level.   This means in order to properly use the app to calculate your macros you have to tailor it to your specifics.

Here is my guide on how to set up My Fitness Pal app to help you count  YOUR macros.

Here is the first page that loads when you first log into the app:  Pretty nice– shows you your goal calories and subtracts what you have eaten to give you your remaining.  (Remember when following IIFYM, you do not count your exercise calories  they are already factored into your equation)
From this screen, hit the “More” button on the button.  This will bring you to this screen:  
Click the “Goals” button.  This is going to be where you can enter your goal weight–weekly weight loss goal–yada yada–these aren’t important.  They don’t do anything.  I certainly do not lose 1 lb per week.  Here we are concerned about our calories and macronutrients.  Click that button  
Now this is where you can manually enter the numbers you have figured out from the Macro calculator.  Enter the total calories,  carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.  The free version of MFP only allows you to work by percentages/ratios–but if you click the percentage it will show the number of grams per each percentage –so just go with the closest one to your recommended.  If you want, you can pay extra for the “Premium” feature and set specific grams–but I don’t believe that to be necessary.   
Okay now you’re all set up and ready to rock and roll!  If you go back to the “More” screen, you will see a “Nutrition” button.  Once you log your food, you can click this button for your macro ratios.  
This will visualize as a pie chart like it shows below.  It will show you your percentage of macros–but also if you see where the red circle is, that is the amount I consumed in grams of that macro (carbohydrates)  Purple is the total ratio or percentage of good per macronutrient.  And Green is your goal total percentage –this is what we just fixed the settings for.  Here, you can see I ate a little more protein and not quick enough fats yesterday.  
Also wanted to show you, in the diary part –or the main food log part, if you tilt your phone sideways, or if you are on a computer you will see a Macro breakdown for all entries.  So here is my Meal Three from yesterday.  There are a few items that are not shown in this screenshot so the numbers aren’t going to look like they add up–but they do.  The blue high lighted part of “Meal Three” is the totals FOR THAT MEAL.  So you can easily keep track your macros per meal.

Here is what the screen looks like at the very bottom: It has your goals in grams and how much you have remaining for the day.  How simple is that!?

Hope this helped! 🙂

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