4 Weeks Out

I can’t believe another week has passed by already! This leaves me only 1 month until stepping on stage for my first NPC bikini competition.  This week has been challenging, yet beneficial.  I met with a posing coach at the beginning of the week.  She gave me great feedback and recommendations.  Although, she completely tore apart the posing I was practicing and had me do a completely different routine.  This was stressful at first, but I have plenty of time to practice this new routine and make it habit!  She is a bikini/figure competition judge herself, so she really knows what the judges are looking for!   After practicing her routine in front of the mirror, I could tell how much it really highlighted my features and made my waist appear thinner.  I still do not feel very graceful in the heels.  So now it is just practice, practice, practice!

This week in nutrition has been a little bit stressful.  It didn’t help that it was my boyfriends birthday so he had a giant delicious pizza around the house and I made him a nutella frosted donut cake.

The struggle is real— tupperware meal instead of Chicago Style Pizza

I attempted to cut down on carbs (even limiting fruits) and calories (staying around 1700-1850 calories), but I ended up miserable by Thursday.   I was MIS-ER-A-BLE.  I came home from night shift and ate a nutella whipped cream covered donut (part of that birthday cake I mentioned previously)  and a pint of Artic Zero with Nutella on top. Continue reading