Zucchini in Oatmeal (and 3 Weeks Out From Stepping On Stage!)

I can’t believe that another week has gone by! Only three weeks shy of my first bikini competition.  Progress pictures above. Reflections of this past week are:

1. I have been slacking in the posing practice part– I haven’t been wearing my heels around the house to “get comfortable” walking in them either.  That may bite me in the booty later.  Goal for the next three weeks is to step up my game and practice, practice, practice!

2. Picking up from last week, I tried to stay around the 1,850 calorie/day diet.   I just felt tired.  I took a nap EVERY day.  By Thursday, it was time to work night shift, and I was a SNAIL.  I was moving so sluggishly and falling asleep charting at the computer at 10 pm — only 3 hours into my 12 hour shift.   I ended up eating a sticky cinnamon bun topped with candied pecans that was part of a baked good gift basket a patients’ family had brought in.  It was the calories and carbohydrates my body needed— I felt rejuvenated and the rest of the shift was a breeze.  YES, if I had a healthier, competition prep friendly carbohydrate (like oatmeal) I would have eaten that, but I was stuck at work with just the protein high food I brought.

I’m telling this story because I am not trying to hide the fact that I am human. Continue reading

Competition-Prep Friendly Egg Breakfast Quiche 

Vegetables for breakfast? If you’re anything like me, this concept is out of this world foreign to me. Where do the vegetables go on this stack of pancakes?? Breakfast, in my mind, is best served sweet! But, I’ve been feeling a bit hungry during the past week while prepping for my bikini competition approaching — and the answer to that, without increasing calories much, is to add vegetables. Imagine my excitement .. But, although my appetite is not, my head is focused on the goal I want to achieve and all the extra green stuff will be worth it in the end.

So, how do I incorporate vegetables into breakfast? Well, an omelette would work..BUT I don’t have the time to be preparing omletes every morning !! So I came up with the idea for a quiche and rolled with it !!

8 servings

Low Carb Egg and Brocolli Quiche

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Dough Bar Doughnuts

Today after my night shift I received a lovely package in the mail.  It was a donut kit from Dough Bar Doughnuts.  These “doughnuts” are baked, not fried. They are a healthier alternative to the usual sugary treat with 17g of protein. As soon as I got inside, I opened it immediately–[practically ignoring my two fur babies, who were both starving for attention after not seeing me for a whole 12 hours, that’s 84 dog hours!! Poor pups]–and starting preparing my doughnut—they ship all of the toppings separate so you can control your macros.  Personally, I wouldn’t even care if they came pre-made because hey, when life gives you chocolate glaze and mini marshmallows YOU EAT ALL OF IT, right?!   Continue reading

Crockpot Eggwhite Breakfast Hash

Quick and easy breakfast recipe made in crockpot.  Because you’re using egg whites in the crockpot, I would stir occasionally–about every 30mins to an hour if you want a scrambled egg like consistency (which is what I did)  Put all ingredients listed into a crockpot, put on high and let cook for about 4-6 hours, stirring occasionally.

  • 1 carton of egg whites
  • 1/2 package of lean turkey breakfast sausage
  • 1/4 c yellow onion
  • 1/2 small package of small red ruby potatoes cut in halves or fourths depending on size.  (about 12 small potatoes)

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Confetti Cake Batter Protein Pancakes

If you have read my previous protein pancake recipe you will not be surprised by any of the ingredients I used here. I have just tweaked my original pancake recipe to work with my new Cellucor Cor-fetti cake whey protein powder 

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Pumpkin spice “Larabars”


I don’t know about you, but I love Larabars! All natural ingredients–the ingredient list is always less than ten and names you can pronounce!  Last fall I was craving the pumpkin spice Larabars. I searched the website in hopes of ordering some and —- sold out. Oh how my heart sank. So I patiently waited, and waited …and waited. A couple weeks later, I decided I could wait no longer!  I was going to make my own!  They turned out great!!  Continue reading