Night Shift and Meal Timing

Hi everyone!

I know I have been MIA for a while, but I have been doing a lot of “me time” after the Arnold Sports Expo bikini competition.  The prep for that competition was the longest and most intense I have done so far and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take a toll on me!  Over the last month I have been enjoying my time with my boyfriend and our furbabies– enjoying going out to dinner and cooking meals without weighing or measuring.  I can honestly say I haven’t truly tracked my macros since the competition.  I needed a break.  I am also now focusing on my career.  I have began studying (on a daily basis) to get my Certification in Critical Care Nursing, or my CCRN.   My exam is scheduled for mid-May, so wish me luck!!

Anyway, enough about me! I have had many questions and emails regarding when I would eat my meals on night shift.  I figured I would just address this question in a post. Continue reading

Product Review: Six Pack Fitness Renee Tote

As a nurse, I am often away from home for long periods of time.  With 12 hour shifts and going to the gym either before or after, I could be away from my house for 15 hours at a time.  What do you do about planning meals around being away for 15 hours?  As you know, I am a huge advocate for meal planning and prepping for the upcoming week.  I prep all of my meals for the week either Sunday or Monday and have them ready to go in individual Tupperware containers.  Well, during a 15 hour span, that is easily 3 meals and some snacks.  I have been searching for a good solution to carrying all these meals and snacks for my shift.  I’ve been through a variety of lunch boxes, plastic bags, brown bags, you name it.   I was never able to find a carrier large enough to hold all my meals.  Until a few months ago when I found Six Pack Fitness bags. Continue reading

Chicken Spinach & Artichoke “Pasta”

Don’t be fooled by the title, you will be able to make this delicious dinner fit into your diet!  The pasta is actually spaghetti squash, so it is a much lower carbohydrate and calorie-friendly option to satiate any pasta-cravers palate.

I am a sucker for spinach and artichoke anything!  Pizzas (obviously..), dips, pinwheels, you name it!  So I wanted to incorporate it into a high-protein chicken dish.  I originally was just going to make a spinach and artichoke covered chicken, but I thought a pasta element would be perfect!  Thus, the idea for spaghetti squash was born.  Continue reading

4 Weeks Out

I can’t believe another week has passed by already! This leaves me only 1 month until stepping on stage for my first NPC bikini competition.  This week has been challenging, yet beneficial.  I met with a posing coach at the beginning of the week.  She gave me great feedback and recommendations.  Although, she completely tore apart the posing I was practicing and had me do a completely different routine.  This was stressful at first, but I have plenty of time to practice this new routine and make it habit!  She is a bikini/figure competition judge herself, so she really knows what the judges are looking for!   After practicing her routine in front of the mirror, I could tell how much it really highlighted my features and made my waist appear thinner.  I still do not feel very graceful in the heels.  So now it is just practice, practice, practice!

This week in nutrition has been a little bit stressful.  It didn’t help that it was my boyfriends birthday so he had a giant delicious pizza around the house and I made him a nutella frosted donut cake.

The struggle is real— tupperware meal instead of Chicago Style Pizza

I attempted to cut down on carbs (even limiting fruits) and calories (staying around 1700-1850 calories), but I ended up miserable by Thursday.   I was MIS-ER-A-BLE.  I came home from night shift and ate a nutella whipped cream covered donut (part of that birthday cake I mentioned previously)  and a pint of Artic Zero with Nutella on top. Continue reading

Tacos and Southwest Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 

Happy Tuesday Readers!  It’s that time again to share with you Meal Prep Monday Secrets and recipes!  This week I made tacos, southwest stuffed sweet potatoes, cilantro lime chicken, and ranch turkey meatballs!

Ingredients I used:

  • 4 lbs of lean ground turkey (1lb) was extra lean
  • ~2 lbs/1 package of chicken breast
  • 4 sweet potatoes
  • 2 cans of black beans
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning (mrs. dash– if watching sodium)
  • 2 bundles of cilantro (or cilantro paste)
  • 1 can southwest style corn
  • 3 limes
  • 1 packet ranch seasoning
  • corn tortillas or romaine leaf lettuce
  • veggies: for me, asparagus and broccoli
  • toppings for tacos: for me, chopped onion, jalepenos, guacamole

First, clean up your sweet potatoes, pierce them with forks, wrap in foil, and place in oven at 375 degrees. Bake until soft (~25 minutes)  Next, I began by making my Cilantro Lime Chicken— See recipe from last weeks post Here

While the chicken was marinated, I fixed up the tacos!

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Low-Carb Mini Pizzas!

Even if you do know personally know me, if you have spent any time looking around my blog I’m sure you’ve noticed that I mention pizza, A LOT.  Pizza is my weakness. Pizza is my cheat meal almost every week–and yet, I NEVER get sick of it.    Continue reading

High protein snacks 

In a rush?  Crazy Schedule? Your diet doesn’t have to suffer!  Forget the fast food garbage or the gas station junk.  Grab one of these snacks to keep you satiated throughout the day!  Here is a list of my favorite high protein snacks that are great on the go! Continue reading

Crockpot Eggwhite Breakfast Hash

Quick and easy breakfast recipe made in crockpot.  Because you’re using egg whites in the crockpot, I would stir occasionally–about every 30mins to an hour if you want a scrambled egg like consistency (which is what I did)  Put all ingredients listed into a crockpot, put on high and let cook for about 4-6 hours, stirring occasionally.

  • 1 carton of egg whites
  • 1/2 package of lean turkey breakfast sausage
  • 1/4 c yellow onion
  • 1/2 small package of small red ruby potatoes cut in halves or fourths depending on size.  (about 12 small potatoes)

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Two flavorful Chicken Recipes to Meal Prep

I am constantly varying up my flavors and spices for my healthy/clean meal prep recipes.  Let’s face it.  You would turn into a pretty resentful and depressed human being if you ate season-less baked chicken with veggies for every. single. meal.  By using natural ingredients, such as citrus juices and herbs, you can add flavor without compromising the nutritional values. Last night, I made two different chicken recipes–mainly because those chicken breasts were on sale at the grocery store for a great price!   I made Buffalo Chicken Meatballs and Cilantro Lime Chicken. Continue reading

So You Want to Meal Prep?

“Failure to plan is planning to fail”

Meal prepping is the key to success when it comes to dieting or healthy eating.  It is easier to make the right decision when you already have a healthy meal at your hand.  It is especially helpful with a hectic schedule, you can just grab your tupperware meal and go.

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Confetti Cake Batter Protein Pancakes

If you have read my previous protein pancake recipe you will not be surprised by any of the ingredients I used here. I have just tweaked my original pancake recipe to work with my new Cellucor Cor-fetti cake whey protein powder 

  Continue reading

My Advice for Surviving the Night Shift

Night shifts can be detrimental to someone who is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The sole fact that you are awake at night when your body naturally burns less energy puts you at risk for weight gain.  Shift work is completely against human biology.  Our natural circadian rhythms aide in metabolism.  Metabolism slows down at night when your internal clock thinks that you should be sleeping. That isn’t even taking into consideration the horrible cravings for sweets and fats you have to fend off.  It can be a challenge when the only food available after 10pm are fast food and vending machine junk.  Continue reading