Zucchini in Oatmeal (and 3 Weeks Out From Stepping On Stage!)

I can’t believe that another week has gone by! Only three weeks shy of my first bikini competition.  Progress pictures above. Reflections of this past week are:

1. I have been slacking in the posing practice part– I haven’t been wearing my heels around the house to “get comfortable” walking in them either.  That may bite me in the booty later.  Goal for the next three weeks is to step up my game and practice, practice, practice!

2. Picking up from last week, I tried to stay around the 1,850 calorie/day diet.   I just felt tired.  I took a nap EVERY day.  By Thursday, it was time to work night shift, and I was a SNAIL.  I was moving so sluggishly and falling asleep charting at the computer at 10 pm — only 3 hours into my 12 hour shift.   I ended up eating a sticky cinnamon bun topped with candied pecans that was part of a baked good gift basket a patients’ family had brought in.  It was the calories and carbohydrates my body needed— I felt rejuvenated and the rest of the shift was a breeze.  YES, if I had a healthier, competition prep friendly carbohydrate (like oatmeal) I would have eaten that, but I was stuck at work with just the protein high food I brought.

I’m telling this story because I am not trying to hide the fact that I am human. Continue reading

Paleo diet vs IIFYM/clean eating

The Paleo Diet is all the rage currently, especially in the crossfit community. The premise of the paleo diet  is that our prehistoric ancestors never had an obesity problem–  They survived off the land and fueled their bodies appropriately enough to be strong enough to hunt dinosaurs, build rock caves, yada yada.  Theoretically this sounds great, high protein, lots of veggies, doing as the Neanderthals did, but I believe it has its flaws.  First, you’re telling me that a caveman would have had cows for beef–but would not have drank their milk??  That caveman would have found a peanut plant and shoved their noses to it because its a LEGUME?   Continue reading