Vitacost! And My Favorite Products

Vitacost! Everytime I go onto this website I am like a kid in a candy store!

I love love love this website! It has absolutely all the essentials for a healthier lifestyle at unbeatable prices. You can get everything from protein powders and other supplements (amino acids, BCAAs, creatine) to protein bars such as, my favorite, quest bars, and even gourmet grocery items.

They have amazing healthy snack foods no matter your diet or lifestyle.  They have paleo snacks (whole foods/nothing processed/no dairy)  gluten free, low carb, etc.

Here is a picture of my first vitacost haul:  (Not pictured is my second AND third haul…..only weeks after the first 😛 )

My favorite items are:

  • Nut butters–“buff bake” snicker doodle flavor and cookie flavor,  “Justin’s” honey almond butter.  I sent Vitacost a product request for them to look into trying to get Gbutter as well, so we will see 🙂
  • Plentils- lentil chips, so tasty if you crave salty!! The serving size is large and the calories and fats are low! I got the garlic Parmesan flavor and margarita pizza flavor!  1 serving is 31 chips! Definitely large enough to curb any chip cravings!
  • “The good bean” chickpea snacks. This is the perfect healthy snack with a nice crunch. I take these to work while working night shift and I get the cravings to munch on something. My favorite is the chocolate flavor. It’s delicious! Satisfies my sweet tooth, but not too sweet.  I also like the spicy chili lime 😛 It is the perfect amount of spice! It’s got a good kick to it!  I’m waiting for my order of sweet cinnamon ! I’ll let you know how it is !

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Paleo diet vs IIFYM/clean eating

The Paleo Diet is all the rage currently, especially in the crossfit community. The premise of the paleo diet  is that our prehistoric ancestors never had an obesity problem–  They survived off the land and fueled their bodies appropriately enough to be strong enough to hunt dinosaurs, build rock caves, yada yada.  Theoretically this sounds great, high protein, lots of veggies, doing as the Neanderthals did, but I believe it has its flaws.  First, you’re telling me that a caveman would have had cows for beef–but would not have drank their milk??  That caveman would have found a peanut plant and shoved their noses to it because its a LEGUME?   Continue reading

So You Want to Meal Prep?

“Failure to plan is planning to fail”

Meal prepping is the key to success when it comes to dieting or healthy eating.  It is easier to make the right decision when you already have a healthy meal at your hand.  It is especially helpful with a hectic schedule, you can just grab your tupperware meal and go.

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Pumpkin spice “Larabars”


I don’t know about you, but I love Larabars! All natural ingredients–the ingredient list is always less than ten and names you can pronounce!  Last fall I was craving the pumpkin spice Larabars. I searched the website in hopes of ordering some and —- sold out. Oh how my heart sank. So I patiently waited, and waited …and waited. A couple weeks later, I decided I could wait no longer!  I was going to make my own!  They turned out great!!  Continue reading